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our bioidentical HRT program is effective, convenient, and most importantly, safe.

After we draw your blood sample and send it to the lab for testing, we will let you know if you medically qualify. We will also teach you self-administering procedures so that you are completely comfortable and educated to administer the therapy at home. We will check your blood levels again at the eight-week mark to ensure that you’ve baselined well and are feeling the results you should.

After that, we should only need to see you every six months! We’ll have your medications delivered directly to your home or place of work in discreet packaging. You may request consultation at any time if you feel it’s needed and we will check in on you periodically to ensure you are satisfied and feeling great.
Our effective and safe therapy is tailored to fit your needs by our medical professionals to help you achieve optimal health. Our doctors use bio-identical hormones that have been proven successful at restoring vitality and youth back into all men.

Great staff! The staff really care about their patients and are very professional.

C. Wickiser

(5 Stars)

I have been going to them for over two years now. The doctor and the staff are very friendly, caring and tend to your needs.

C. Last

(5 Stars)


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