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75% of men with
low testosterone
go undiagnosed.

Loss of energy, lack of stamina, sleep disturbances, weight gain, loss of muscle mass and/or loss of libido…

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

Our bioidentical hormone replacement
therapy may be the answer

Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy does not come with the negative side effects most men associate with synthetic hormones.

Our effective and safe therapy is tailored to fit your needs by our medical professionals to help you achieve optimal health. Our doctors use bio-identical hormones that have been proven successful at restoring vitality and youth back into all men.


+ Increased Libido

+ Reduced Fat

+ Improved Mind & Mood

+ Improved Sleep

+ Better Skin Elasticity and Sharper Skin Tone

+ Improved Diabetic Conditions

+ Increased Energy, Stamina and Muscle Mass

+ Decreased Cholesterol

+ Combat Erectile Dysfunction

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Client Testimonials

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The medical team at Charleston Testosterone has made a huge difference in my life. I am better in all of the rooms in my house not just the bedroom. My belly fat is disappearing and my overall health is improving dramatically. Thanks team!

L. Brown

(5 Stars)

Frequently asked questions

The benefits of the program include:

  1. Reduced Fat
  2. Improved Concentration & Mood
  3. Better Skin Elasticity & Sharper Skin Tone
  4. Improved Diabetic Conditions
  5. Increased Energy, Stamina & Muscle Mass
  6. Decreased Cholesterol
  7. Combat Erectile Dysfunction
  8. Increased Libido
  9. Improved Sleep

According to most labs, a T-score between 250 and 350 is considered low while a T-score of over 1400 is considered high.


Only focusing on the numbers opens the door to treating patients in the wrong manner, as each patient’s ideal level can differ. Some men in their prime walk around with a total testosterone level of 350, while others walk around well over 1,000. If a doctor puts all of his or her patients at the exact same level, it would be a huge disservice. Truthfully, most of our patients are kept at different levels from one another to reflect their individual physiology, medical history and current needs. 

We offer a $99 special that includes a comprehensive medical exam and full blood work panel to determine your testosterone levels. This is a cash offer only and valid for new patients.


The hormone replacement therapy program is priced at $199 per month, which is both competitive and affordable. 


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