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The benefits of the program include:

    • Reduced Fat
    • Improved Concentration & Mood
    • Better Skin Elasticity & Sharper Skin Tone
    • Improved Diabetic Conditions
    • Increased Energy, Stamina & Muscle Mass
    • Decreased Cholesterol
    • Combat Erectile Dysfunction
    • Increased Libido
    • Improved Sleep 

According to most labs, a T-score between 250 and 350 is considered low while a T-score of over 1400 is considered high.


Only focusing on the numbers opens the door to treating patients in the wrong manner, as each patient’s ideal level can differ. Some men in their prime walk around with a total testosterone level of 350, while others walk around well over 1,000. If a doctor puts all of his or her patients at the exact same level, it would be a huge disservice. Truthfully, most of our patients are kept at different levels from one another to reflect their individual physiology, medical history, and current needs. 

We offer a $99 special that includes a comprehensive medical exam and full blood work panel to determine your testosterone levels. This is a cash offer only and valid for new patients.

The hormone replacement therapy program is priced at $199 per month, which is both competitive and affordable. 

We opt for a cash-payment system for your therapy. Insurance companies typically require that all testosterone shots be given in the office in order to be covered. Our program allows you to self-administer for your convenience, and cash payment is required to cover the cost of your monthly medications.


Opting for a cash-only plan is more affordable and effective in the long run because:


a) Insurance companies require that testosterone therapy be delivered in the office only, which means patients would have to schedule time out of work, travel to the clinic, and then travel back to work each week.


b) Legally, co-pays MUST be collected at each visit for our billing services to remain in compliance, which can approach $199.


c) Without the ability to self-administer, inclement weather, out of town work, vacation, busy days at work, family responsibilities, and life in general may cause missed and delayed appointments. All of which can drastically interfere with the effectiveness of your therapy.


d) With all these possible complications, we choose to utilize a cash-pay system ONLY. Utilizing this system allows us to guarantee the delivery of the medication to your home, which will ensure you always have it when you need it.

When you come in for your initial consultation, a highly trained specialist will show you exactly what to do with your medications. By the time you leave this appointment, you will know everything you need to know to administer this treatment yourself in a few minutes each week. 

No, for your convenience your medication will be shipped directly to your home or your office in discreet packaging. 

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. In our experience, practitioners who are not hormone specialists can actually do more harm than good when administering testosterone. For instance, does your current physician monitor your blood work every six months? Are you receiving testosterone every week? If you answered no to any of these questions, you may not be getting the most out of your current testosterone therapy. This is why we must insist on being your only source of hormone replacement therapy.

On your first visit, we will do a full blood workup and show you how to self-administer your testosterone. After this first visit, you will need to return in 8 weeks to ensure the treatment is effective.


After this follow-up, you will only need to visit the office once every 6 months unless you have concerns about your therapy.


If our office location is not easily accessible to you, then reach out to us and we can work with you! We are partnered with LabCorp and have the ability to offer telemedicine so your treatment can be monitored anywhere in South Carolina.     

The primary difference is limited office visits. We can manage your testosterone program through telephone, LabCorp, and/or email. However, we are always available for in-office appointments. Another important part of our plan is that you are always supervised by medical professionals who are specialists in the area of hormone replacement. 

You can call us anytime you have a question or concern regarding your therapy. If you are feeling side effects in between your scheduled blood work, we will happily test your blood at no charge to ensure any necessary changes can be made. Remember, part of what you are paying for with this program is our medical supervision.

The FDA has extreme restrictions on human growth hormone (HGH). However, there are rare times when an HGH prescription is appropriate. Our hormone replacement therapy utilizes a family of peptides that are proven to be a much safer alternative. These peptides have fantastic results in safely raising HGH levels in men because they naturally stimulate the body to produce HGH. 


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