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Local hometown providers serving the Lowcountry since 1998 with over 100 years of combined experience.

Charleston Testosterone specializes in helping ALL men achieve optimal health and vitality by focusing on hormone balancing, weight management, sexual health, and physical health. Our highly trained and experienced staff of medical professionals utilizes a combination of bioidentical hormones and peptides to help men gain their strength back, lose stubborn belly fat, gain energy, sleep better, and become the best versions of themselves in all areas of their life.

We opened over 20 years ago with the purpose of helping our patients feel their best. Charleston Testosterone focused on creating a program that is safe, affordable, and convenient. During your initial consultation, we will perform a comprehensive medical exam and full blood work panel to determine your hormone levels and eligibility for the program. During this visit, one of our highly-qualified medical professionals will show you how to administer your shots and answer any questions you may have at that time. You will be able to self-administer at home rather than visit the clinic each week, making our program much more convenient and effective.

If you think you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy, are experiencing any of the symptoms of low testosterone, or aren’t feeling your best, then please reach out to us! Schedule an appointment with Charleston Testosterone by calling 843-571-3100.

Our effective and safe therapy is tailored to fit your needs by our medical professionals to help you achieve optimal health. Our doctors use bio-identical hormones that have been proven successful at restoring vitality and youth back into all men.


Learn more about hormone replacement therapy, erectile disfunction and men’s health by downloading this free resource.


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