1) Tell me more about your Testosterone therapy?

We offer a comprehensive, medically supervised program, utilizing the appropriate prescriptions, supplementation and bloodwork monitoring. We always stay in touch and are always available at anytime for any questions or follow-ups. If you’re looking for the best testosterone therapy experience in Charleston, we have you covered.

2) How much is it going to cost?

We’re super competitive in pricing, only 199.00 per month

3) Do you accept insurance?

We do accept insurance. The first consultation and lab fees are usually billed to insurance as long as it’s covered. If not, the initial consult is $199.00. After the first consult, we highly recommend a cash-only plan because it ends up being much cheaper and more effective in the long run because of the following reasons:

a. All insurance requires that testosterone therapy be delivered in the office only.
Therefore you would have to schedule time out of work, travel to our clinic, possibly
wait for the practitioner, and then travel back to work each and every week.
b. Legally, co-pays MUST also be collected at each visit for our billing services to remain in
compliance and that by itself can approach the 199.00.
c. Inclement weather, out of town work, vacation, busy days at work, family scheduling,
etc. will cause missed and delayed visits and will drastically interfere with the
effectiveness of the therapy.
d. Because of all these possible complications, we choose to utilize a cash-pay system
ONLY so that we can guarantee the delivery of the medication to your home which will
ensure you always have it when you need it.

4) How will I know what to do with my testosterone?

We will teach you everything you need to know to self administer the therapy using only 3-4 minutes per week.

5) Do I have to go pick up my medication at the pharmacy each month?

No, we will have the medications drop-shipped directly to your front door (or office).

6) My current Dr. has me on testosterone; can I utilize your program as well?

Absolutely not! We have found that most practitioners who are not experts in hormone replacement actually
cause far more harm than good. For instance, are you currently on HCG with your testosterone? Are you being tested at least each 6 months for high estrogen levels? Are you getting your shots at least weekly? If the answer is no to any of the above, please inform our practitioner now. For these reasons (and many more), we insist that we are your only source of testosterone.

7) What about Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

The FDA has extreme restrictions on HGH, however, there are rare times when a HGH prescription is appropriate. We have an additional therapy utilizing Sermorelin which has fantastic results in safely raising HGH levels in men.

8) How often do I have to visit the office?

We draw blood on Day 1 to see if you qualify for the therapy and then 2 months later to ensure you are responding positively. If our practitioner likes what they see on the second test, we only need to perform bloodwork every 6 months.

9) What do I do if I stop feeling the benefits or begin feeling any side effects?

Please call us ANYTIME you have questions or concerns with ANYTHING regarding our therapy. If you feel any
side effects whatsoever between testing intervals, we will test your blood for free to ensure the appropriate changes are made. Remember, you are paying us for medical supervision.