The hormone testosterone is more commonly associated with problems concerning muscle mass and sexual performance, but low levels of testosterone can also affect your brain and your ability to think clearly. Find out more about low T’s effect on concentration and mental focus.

1.       Low Levels of Testosterone Affect the Brain

Testosterone is not only important for regulating the growth of muscle mass and the development of bone. The brain is also affected by the work of testosterone. Many people overlook the way in which testosterone affects mental and psychological processes but this is an important factor in how the body reacts to testosterone levels.

2.       Studies Show Low Levels of Testosterone May Affect Cognitive Performance

A report in the January 2008 issue of Harvard Men’s Health Watch discusses how both testosterone levels and levels of concentration and memory decline as men age. Could falling levels of testosterone account for these problems with concentration and mental clarity? Or is the opposite true? The experts authoring this report say the data is not conclusive but there are studies that show connections between testosterone and performance on cognitive tests. Higher testosterone levels are linked with better mental function so, therefore, lower testosterone levels may result in poor performance. Unfortunately scientists are still not sure exactly how or why cognitive function and testosterone levels are linked.

3.       Low T and Mental Clarity

Studies show that men with low levels of testosterone also experience difficulties with spatial ability and multi-tasking, and also have problems with focus and memory. Many men describe this as a “brain fog” – you have problems remembering what you were talking about or what you need to say next in a conversation. You can’t remember why you went into a room. You forget where you left your keys and you can’t focus on reading a long article or a chapter in a book.

4.       Low Testosterone and Memory

Studies have shown that increasing testosterone can help improve memory and that higher levels of testosterone can have a protective effect against cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

5.       Mental Clarity May Not Be Seen As A Problem

The difficulty occurs when men believe that problems with focus and memory are just a normal part of aging, or an aspect of their personality – many men do not seek help for these issues and will learn to live with the problem until it becomes a part of everyday life.