Testosterone is an essential hormone that fulfills many important functions in the body. Both men and women have testosterone but it is more present in males. It is common for normal levels of testosterone to fluctuate but if your levels are consistently low, it’s time to seek help.

Here are 10 facts about testosterone you may not have already known.

  1. Testosterone levels are linked to weight – lower weight leads to more testosterone, and more testosterone helps you lose weight. The cycle can be a healthy one when you work to maintain a healthy weight, which will increase your body’s production of testosterone, which in turn helps you build muscle and lose fat.
  2. High testosterone does not automatically make men more aggressive – studies have shown that aggression may be due to levels of testosterone that are too low. It is not necessarily true that having high levels of testosterone results in aggressive behavior.
  3. Women who have recently fallen in love have higher testosterone levels for the initial first months of a relationship, while men have lower levels – the changes don’t last, however. The differences in testosterone levels disappear after a few months.
  4. Testosterone can reduce the size of your belly – if you suffer from low testosterone, when you raise your testosterone levels you can lose the spare tire around your middle.
  5. Making money raises your testosterone – according to studies, making a profit in work causes an increase in testosterone levels. Traders who made an above-average profit enjoyed a testosterone spike, according to scientists.
  6. Too much testosterone can be a problem – taking testosterone as a performance booster can result in testicles shrinking and breasts growing.
  7. Over-training can cause low testosterone – don’t overdo it at the gym because over-training can result in a drop in levels of testosterone.
  8. Obesity causes low testosterone levels – too many fat cells are linked with lower testosterone. Body fat is not conducive to high testosterone levels, according to studies.
  9. Low levels of testosterone are linked to sleep apnea – treating sleep apnea can help testosterone levels return to normal. Sleep is a crucial factor in high testosterone levels for men.
  10. Stress can lower testosterone levels. If you are constantly under stress your body produces more of the hormone cortisol, which lowers levels of testosterone. Reducing stress can have a beneficial effect on testosterone levels.